Cycling Vietnam – Day 8

Dien Bien  – Tuan Giao (595 masl) – 77 km

Cycling out of Dien Bien was great. Loads off tribal people heading into the city/market for selling their goods. Mung Ang is 40 km away from Dien Bien. Its a very smooth uphill for around 32 km. At km 32 you are 980 masl. From here its 8 km downhill to Muong Ang. From Muong Ang its all smooth downhill going to Tuan Giao. 

The last 3 km there is still some minor climbing to do.  Ones you are in Tuan Gia look for Hong Ky Hotel. The room comes with a small terrace. Best is the food in nearby “Hong Ky” cafe. By fat the best food in whole Vietnam.

Muong Ang (605masl)

32 km smooth up till 980hm

Then 8 km down to Muong Ang

Total km: 77

Total up: 1196 hm

Total down: 1117 hm

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