Cycling Vietnam – Day 5

Lai Chao – Phong Tho

The stretch from Lai Chao to PhongTho is nothing really spectacular. Its 36 km with a climb in the beginning going up to 1110 masl.

The rest is going down. Scenery is not really great but this will change the next days.

We had a “free” afternoon and were hiking a bit. 

After that we had a cold beer in a 2l keg !!! We never had that before but its an awesome idea coz the beer stays perfectly cold.

In the evening we tried to find some local food in the “only” restaurant in town (besides the restaurant in our hotel). Nam Anh 2 is a hotel on the main road. It was with 20 USD the most expensive hotel on our trip but there are not a lot of options. Food in the restaurant is great and the hotel itself is an old wooden house with lots of wood furnitures and a disgusting carpet 🙂

Total km: 36

total hm down:  1032

Total hm up: 415

Higgest point: 1110 masl

Phong Tho (290 masl)

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