Cycling Vietnam – Day 4

Sa Pa – Tam Duong – Lai Chao (916masl)

We started the day with some rain. The first 15 km is a smooth climbing up to 2000 masl. 

The scenery is spectacular with lots of waterfalls everywhere. Unfortunately we had quite some serious rain and at around 2000 m its getting quite cold. The reward started after we reached the top. A 22 km downhill was waiting for us. Still stunning scenery and as more we cycled down as less rain we got.

In Tam Duong we had our soup break. Vietnamese noodle soups with meat (or without) are super delicious and a great way to refill your batteries. 

We met 2 Thai tour cyclist which were on the same way then us. After our lunch we had another 25 km to Lai Chao. The firsy 13 km smoothly uphill till 1300masl. The rest all downhill into Lai Chau. Lai Chau is a horrible big overdimensioned city with 10 (!!!) lanes on the main road. We found a hotel and a nice place to have some great fried noodles.

Tam Duong (680 masl)

Lai chao (916 masl)

Total hm up: 1679 

Total hm down: 2300

total kilometer: 73 km

Highest point: 2004 masl (at km 15)

Lai chao n22.39296 e103.47406

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