Cycling Vietnam – Day 2

Day 2 Hanoi – Lao Cai (150 Hm)

Today we were hanging around in Hanoi. Did some minor shopping and some walks though the city and lake. We had some great food and beers. At 5pm we got our bikes. We packed them and started biking to the train station. The cycling through the city is quite caotic but all doable. No agressive driving at all. We arrived at the train station and arranged our bike transport. 4$ per bike in the night train to Lao Cai. Fair deal. 

Tbe girls in charge at the train station had quite some fun bringing our bikes to the train.

Our ticket was 20 USD in a sleeping cabin good for 4. 

The other 2 guys in our cabin were some danish folks. They introduced us in some card games and got upset coz wr won 🙂

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2 Responses to Cycling Vietnam – Day 2

  1. Anthony says:

    Vietnam is one of the places I would love to go cycling. I am thinking of taking a group trip there (I am not up for hard core traveling at the moment). I have to choose between an only Vietnam trip and a trip which would include Cambodia–any thoughts.

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